Thursday, 6 January 2005

Smashing Summer Deals

Sizzling deals in Smashwords’ Summer Sale

THERE’S a smashing cut-price deal on my fiction titles throughout July in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale 2011 – and as an added bonus my poetry collection is available for free.

The hard-hitting science fiction thriller CITIZEN ZERO is on sale at 75 per cent of its standard retail price with coupon code SSW75.

In a terrifying journey into a Britain torn apart by inequality and political intrigue, the novel charts David Mills’ terrifying struggle to survive in a world that’s gone insane. Part of a desperate and despised underclass, he is an unlikely source of salvation, but the only hope for the future lurks within his mind – if he can stay one step ahead of sinister forces that want him dead.

JobNet was supposed to usher in a better life for unemployed David Mills; instead it plunges him into a bitter struggle to survive when he becomes a pawn in a political conspiracy that pushes Britain to the brink of civil war.

Citizen Zero blends the stark social commentary of ‘The Boys From The Blackstuff’, the millennial techno-chic of ‘The Matrix’, and the uncompromising force of ‘V for Vendetta’ into one devastating portrayal of tomorrow’s Britain…

Buy the novel at the reduced price of $1.54 – less than the price of a cup of coffee – at the publisher Smashwords and while you are there why not check out the other deals in the Summer/Winter Sale?

There’s also 75 per cent off the price of ISOLATION SPACE, presenting a breath-taking collection of 20 short stories. The anthology combines a feast of fiction, from science fiction, fantasy and horror to the satirical, thought-provoking and the amusing. There’s aliens and vampires, psycho-killers and legends, lost souls, and wanderers, all the way through to ordinary folk lost in the by-ways of the macabre.

Again use coupon code SSW75, and get 75 per cent off ISOLATION SPACE.

If poetry is more your thing, or if you want a little chaser for your fiction, then the collection DEUS EX INSOMNIA is on offer for the rock-bottom price of ZERO with coupon code SSWSF.

All titles are available for a range of popular machine formats, including the Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and Apple devices. The offer is exclusive to the publisher, Smashwords, so head on over and make the most of the Summer/Winter Sale throughout July.

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale
Runs 1 to 31 July 2011

Find out more about CITIZEN ZERO at its dedicated website You can also find it on Facebook, so why not drop by and give it a like.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2005

May Day Special

Something for the weekend

Special May Day weekend offer on Citizen Zero

Mark Cantrell's hard-hitting science fiction thriller and political satire, Citizen Zero, is available at the subversively low-price of $0.99 (around 60 pence) for the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad, Nook and other popular devices only from Smashwords. 

"On the security monitors, he watched the city burn. The imagined scent of smoke and ash mingled with the electric odour of conditioned air. Occasionally the screen flared white as the cameras struggled to cope with the unfamiliar brightness. A solitary monitor scanned the corridor and displayed the armed security police hammering against the doors..."

A desperate tale of survival amidst social and political upheaval in a post-austerity Britain, for those who like their dystopias served with a chilling twist...

Get your copy now from Smashwords using coupon code EW24Z at the checkout.

Offer ends on 3 May 2011

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Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Free Verse To Try

Free verse on Scribd sample

A selection of poems from the collection Deus Ex Insomnia was posted on the document exchange site SCRIBD to provide a revealing foretaste of the full collection.

The sampler, presented on-screen in PDF format, and available to download free-of-charge, can be found at

The full collection is available to buy in paperback or a wide range of digital format editions.

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Monday, 3 January 2005

New Source For Mutant Mars

In Scribd We Find The Mutant Pens

You can download Attack of the 50-Foot Verbose Mutant Killer Fountain Pens from Mars from

The anthology presents an eclectic and downright eccentric collection of short fiction, journalism, essays and prose written by Mark Cantrell. The PDF e-book was self-published FREE under a Creative Commons licence

Since then, the publication has been made available on Many Books and subsequently Now, Mark Cantrell has made the book additionally available on Scribd.

The e-anthology is FREE to download, and pass around, provided it is done so free, the anthology is not changed in anyway, and the author is attributed. Copyright is retained on individual stories within the collection, so they cannot be shared, published, or otherwise made use of other than in the context of this anthology.

Mark Cantrell's first paperback anthology of fiction, presenting updated and revised versions of some of the stories in Fountain Pens, along with a diverse selection of his other fiction work is also published on Lulu. Isolation Space is priced £9.99.

Deus Ex Insomnia, his first paperback collection is also available to buy from Lulu or from Amazon. Visit for more information. Or visit Amazon. More information on all these titles can be found at Book Marks

To date, he has written three further novels, for which he is currently seeking a publisher. Details about his second novel, Citizen Zero, can be found at



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Sunday, 2 January 2005

Coming In 2009

Harvesting the thoughts of previous occurrences
Anthology of short fiction planned for the coming year...

Isolation Space
'A Melange Of Short Fiction'

NEXT year, Mark Cantrell is planning to publish an anthology of his short fiction in a paperback anthology pulling together many of his past stories in to one easy to access volume.

Isolation Space will be published by Lulu and follows up the publication of the author's first poetry collection Deus Ex Insomnia (2007).

Many of the stories that will appear within the pages of Isolation Space were originally published in a variety of small press magazines, such as Sci-Fright, Alternaties, The Velvet Vampire, Doppelgänger Broadsheet, The Asphalt Jungle, Writers' Muse and more. In 2009, these stories will be bound together in one volume for the first time.

The collection represents an eclectic and intriguing variety of works that fit broadly into the speculative, SF/F and horror genres.

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Saturday, 1 January 2005

And So It Goes

Zero motion for novel citizen

SADLY, it has to be announced that the forthcoming publication of my second novel, Citizen Zero, has gone from 'coming soon' to 'don't hold your breath'.

The book had been accepted on to the launch list of a new UK publisher called Writers of Worlds (WoW). This company was in the process of building towards its début, even as its founders were working with a number of author's to get the company's first titles ready for action.

Citizen Zero has already gone through this process, and greatly benefited as a result, but now it languishes in limbo along with WoW and the fellow authorial débutantes. The situation is similar with my third novel, Silas Morlock, which has yet to undergo the usual editorial feedback and revision process, but which was set to appear on the company's follow up list.

Now, after enquiring about the lengthy process of starting up, I have been told not to 'hold my breath' but also 'not to give up on them'. For an author, this is a frustrating response -- neither a yay or a nay -- regarding WoW's fate, or indeed the likely fate of the book.

Still, that's publishing. I knew from day one that there was always a chance it may all come to nothing. Start ups always face an uphill struggle, especially given the nature of publishing. And given today's turbulent times the odds stack only higher.

Even so, it was an exciting opportunity to pursue, and hopefully still is. For now, my books languish in limbo with the company, but I hope that sometime in the near to mid-term furture, the situation will change. Until then, I will be pursuing the publication of my fourth novel, "In Workers' Paradise".

So, watch this space.

Meantime, to read a bit more about Citizen Zero, visit its dedicated website


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