Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Poetry Published

Deus Ex Insomnia

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THE doctors didn’t believe me; they only believe in their pharmacopoeia – a lot of addicts do – but I made them believe in the end. I had to. The others left me no choice.

Too many sleepless nights had ripped a gash in perception. Out there on the far side, through the fog of delirium, I sensed the presence. I wasn't alone. I saw them hinted and outlined by the weak light that leaked from the waking world: sculptures of silhouette utter dark against the shadows of endless time.

I knew, they'd been waiting, they'd been calling. Now they had me, and they forced me to sit and write. This is what they told me to say...

Walk into the shadows of a sleepless night, of a mind teetering towards the abyss of deprivation, when revelation intrudes through the event horizon that separates the lightness of being from the depths of hidden meaning. Out there, in the beyond it's not all morbid raptures, there is laughter too, hidden in the drug of words.

Deus Ex Insomnia (ISBN: 978-1-84753-507-8) is the d├ębut poetry collection by journalist and novelist Mark Cantrell. The perfect bound paper back edition pulls together 80 examples of his writing, with the added sweetener of prosaic essays pondering the mysteries of the written word. He has a reputation for darkness in his writings, so taste his night-life for yourself – and discover it's not all shadows in Mark's world. There's time for fun and humour too.

Deus Ex Insomnia,
Poetry & and prose by Mark Cantrell
Published by Lulu
ISBN: 978-1-84753-507-8
Price: £5.95 (p+p extra)

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