Saturday, 1 January 2005

And So It Goes

Zero motion for novel citizen

SADLY, it has to be announced that the forthcoming publication of my second novel, Citizen Zero, has gone from 'coming soon' to 'don't hold your breath'.

The book had been accepted on to the launch list of a new UK publisher called Writers of Worlds (WoW). This company was in the process of building towards its début, even as its founders were working with a number of author's to get the company's first titles ready for action.

Citizen Zero has already gone through this process, and greatly benefited as a result, but now it languishes in limbo along with WoW and the fellow authorial débutantes. The situation is similar with my third novel, Silas Morlock, which has yet to undergo the usual editorial feedback and revision process, but which was set to appear on the company's follow up list.

Now, after enquiring about the lengthy process of starting up, I have been told not to 'hold my breath' but also 'not to give up on them'. For an author, this is a frustrating response -- neither a yay or a nay -- regarding WoW's fate, or indeed the likely fate of the book.

Still, that's publishing. I knew from day one that there was always a chance it may all come to nothing. Start ups always face an uphill struggle, especially given the nature of publishing. And given today's turbulent times the odds stack only higher.

Even so, it was an exciting opportunity to pursue, and hopefully still is. For now, my books languish in limbo with the company, but I hope that sometime in the near to mid-term furture, the situation will change. Until then, I will be pursuing the publication of my fourth novel, "In Workers' Paradise".

So, watch this space.

Meantime, to read a bit more about Citizen Zero, visit its dedicated website


Originally Published: 9-11-2008 | Archived: 28-10-2011