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Coming In 2009

Harvesting the thoughts of previous occurrences
Anthology of short fiction planned for the coming year...

Isolation Space
'A Melange Of Short Fiction'

NEXT year, Mark Cantrell is planning to publish an anthology of his short fiction in a paperback anthology pulling together many of his past stories in to one easy to access volume.

Isolation Space will be published by Lulu and follows up the publication of the author's first poetry collection Deus Ex Insomnia (2007).

Many of the stories that will appear within the pages of Isolation Space were originally published in a variety of small press magazines, such as Sci-Fright, Alternaties, The Velvet Vampire, Doppelgänger Broadsheet, The Asphalt Jungle, Writers' Muse and more. In 2009, these stories will be bound together in one volume for the first time.

The collection represents an eclectic and intriguing variety of works that fit broadly into the speculative, SF/F and horror genres.

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Originally Published: 12-12-2008 | Archived: 28-10-2011