Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Review Extracts

First impressions matter

THERE are some warm words of praise for the anthology Isolation Space in the latest issue of literary journal the Writers’ Muse (#49)

Published by Lulu, the book is Mark Cantrell’s first paperback fiction collection. It presents a challenging and thought-provoking array of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, together with some more literary works, and has earned itself a quick thumbs up from the Muse.

Jim Palmer, editor, said: “Isolation Space will be reviewed fully next issue but what I can say is that if you’re a science fiction fanatic and hanker for the ‘Golden Age’, then you can do no better than to get hold of a copy of this book. The pieces I read took me back to the wonder I felt when I first discovered science fiction and horror. And I loved it!”

The Muse is a quarterly literary journal that publishes short fiction, articles, topical reviews, and short plays. To find out more about the magazine, visit www.writersmuseonline.com.

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