Sunday, 23 August 2009

Isolation Space Reviewed

Muse gives golden praise

Writers’ Muse editor Jim Palmer gave his verdict on Isolation Space in the 50th edition of the literary journal (August 2009), with a resounding thumbs up for the science fiction and horror stories bound together in the anthology.

Many of them reminded him of the ‘Golden Age’ of those genres, he said, describing it an “excellent” collection. The full review can be read in the current issue, see for more information, meanwhile read on for some extracts of the review:

“As well as the horror and science fiction pieces, there are some wonderfully observed satirical stories,” Jim Palmer wrote in Writer’s Muse #50, August 2009. “It’s hard to write satire that leaves the writer helpless with mirth, rage and realisation of the truth behind the story, but Mark achieves it brilliantly. His pace when writing these types of pieces is inestimable...

“Like many of the best science fiction and horror stories, there are twists in the tail of many of these pieces, and, also like many of the best in those genres, then end, when it hits you, is not at all expected...

“If you love being thrilled, frightened, intrigued, fascinated and engrossed, you can do no better than get hold of this book.”

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