Saturday, 7 May 2011

On Literature Kindle

On Literature is a collection of feature articles and essays dedicated to the world of the creative writer, culled from the writers previous works and published free for a range of popular ebook devices...

Inspiration set free to kindle the mind...

On Literature,
Selected Journalism of Mark Cantrell, Volume 1

By Mark Cantrell

FREE chapbook

Formats: Kindle (.mobi), Sony Reader (.lrf), Open Industry Srandard (.epub), Palm devices (.pbd) and others

FIRST published as a stapled printed chapbook in 2004, Mark Cantrell has now re-issued his collection of essays and articles in digital format through the publisher and distributor Smashwords.

On Literature brings together a fascinating collection of work rooted in the creative writing scene of his native Bradford, as well as his musings on the wider realms of creative writing.

From poets waxing lyrical to poets getting down-right political, a startling ensemble of creative exploits is explored in this small publication. Released FREE under a Creative Commons license, it is available for the Kindle, Sony Reader, and other devices exclusively from Smashwords, while an earlier PDF release remains available on Scribd.

So, feel free to download On Literature and be inspired: there’s more to literary living than you might at first think.