Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Silas Sets Forth

Signed with an Inspired Quill

For a man who makes a living out of words, it's quite disconcerting to find myself suddenly speechless: still that's the effect a book deal can have on an author.

Yes, that's right – a book deal.

I am greatly pleased to say that my novel Silas Morlock has been taken on by up-and-coming publisher Inspired Quill (IQ) and is scheduled for release towards the Autumn of 2012.

That's quite a wait, I hear you cry. Trust me – it'll be worth it.

Silas Morlock is a dark urban fantasy with a strong suffusion of horror: a story about redemption and the struggle between good and evil.

All that stands against the smothering darkness are those few besieged souls who push the most powerful drug known to Man. Persecuted and few in number theirs is a perilous existence. If they fall, everything is lost.

This is their story, the story of their last stand, and in particular, of the young man from the streets who inherits the terrifying task – to take the light of humanity's spirit into the heart of darkness.

The stakes are the very highest – humanity's Soul.

So be prepared: light yourself a candle, be wary of the shadows, and watch this space as Silas Morlock sets forth. The dark is gathering.

"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." 
Friedrich Nietzsche

Mark Cantrell,
21 December 2011

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