Monday, 3 January 2005

New Source For Mutant Mars

In Scribd We Find The Mutant Pens

You can download Attack of the 50-Foot Verbose Mutant Killer Fountain Pens from Mars from

The anthology presents an eclectic and downright eccentric collection of short fiction, journalism, essays and prose written by Mark Cantrell. The PDF e-book was self-published FREE under a Creative Commons licence

Since then, the publication has been made available on Many Books and subsequently Now, Mark Cantrell has made the book additionally available on Scribd.

The e-anthology is FREE to download, and pass around, provided it is done so free, the anthology is not changed in anyway, and the author is attributed. Copyright is retained on individual stories within the collection, so they cannot be shared, published, or otherwise made use of other than in the context of this anthology.

Mark Cantrell's first paperback anthology of fiction, presenting updated and revised versions of some of the stories in Fountain Pens, along with a diverse selection of his other fiction work is also published on Lulu. Isolation Space is priced £9.99.

Deus Ex Insomnia, his first paperback collection is also available to buy from Lulu or from Amazon. Visit for more information. Or visit Amazon. More information on all these titles can be found at Book Marks

To date, he has written three further novels, for which he is currently seeking a publisher. Details about his second novel, Citizen Zero, can be found at



Originally Published: 6-6-2009 | Archived: 28-10-2011